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The Deathbat Mystery!

4:55 PMDollie Simpson

One thing I never talked about on this blog was my favorite band, and that is because I was trying to keep it niched down to rockabilly. But now that I opened it up to all rock-n-roll I can blog about what I am really passionate about- and one of those things is Avenged Sevenfold!
I am so passionate about them that this month I got their logo, the Deathbat, tattooed on me! It has been a dream since I was sixteen, and I couldn't be more proud. However, not very long after people all over the world started reporting random Deathbat sightings, from London, to Paris to Berlin and Toronto. But as usual, the band is tight lipped and won't say WHAT IT MEANS! What does it mean? We must know? Are they celebrating my recent tattoo with me? Probably not.....
The only hint we may have is a Twitter post from Vengeance University about "October being a reason to celebrate." While Zacky is the one we can count on the most to say SOMETHING, as he is the only one on social media as "Vengeance University", this is pretty vague and could just be commenting on his love of Halloween. Some fans question if it means that the new album (that we are all patiently waiting for after the last teaser in April) may be released on 10/31. I have my doubts though, as we have all heard about the legal battle surrounding the release and break of contract with their label, Warner Brothers. Avenged is know for making us wait a very long time for albums, and building them up so much that the wait is almost physically painful. I expect nothing less from them at this point.
Another fan on social media said that the original artist of the Deathbat logo, a friend of the band's from highs school, recently died and that it is a homage to him. That sounds nice in principle but it seems like just a rumor as the band would have posted something on social media mentioning the loss of a friend. I mean, at least they would in my opinion.

Many fans point to a tour announcement coming but A7X is already on tour, and has already announced multiple tour dates with Disturbed and Chevelle for these "cities of evil" (London, Paris, etc). So, why the secret? Doesn't add up if you ask me. Only time will tell I guess.
The real question I have is, if the band has ALL of Halloween through New Years off at home, to rightfully spend with their wives and children (congrats to Zacky for the new little boy!), WHY can't they play ONE SoCal show? Why? Why do I have to fly up to Sacramento to see them later this month? I'm happy that they will be home for the holidays but I can't help but feel like they are shunning their home town. They haven't played a local show since Mayhem Fest in 2014! And lastly, where is our Deathbat projection? I feel so left out! Please make it up to us!
As always, this socialite will keep you informed as news breaks!

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  1. The tat looks awesome! Congrats :)

  2. I dig A7X too. I figure we're all fans of music FIRST hen comes Genres/Bands/Etc. When people ask me about my taste in music I always say, 'from Sinatra to Sabbath to Sublime to Cash and The Clash. I dig it all baby!' :)


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