Goodbye, Goodbye Joe Clay

11:40 AMDollie Simpson

RIP Claiborne Joseph Cheramie 9-9-1939 to 9-26-2016

I write this post with the heaviest of hearts today, as this surely has to be one of the hardest posts I have ever had to do. If you have been reading my blog a while, or follow me on Facebook, you probably have noticed that I do not jump on the pity band wagon as soon as someone passes, acting like they were my most favorite person of all time. I didn't post about Prince, Lemmy or Bowie....but this one is different and demands an immediate blog post. Joe Clay was among the top few artists I would be most heart broken to lose, and today that day has finally come. 

This morning Joe's daughter Nicole Cheramie posted on his Facebook wall that Joe has passed. We all knew he had been sick but we were all assuming he would pull through. After all, he has always been one of the most energetic guys around. He was still touring like crazy, even at 94! He was tough as nails too. I saw him just last year dive off the stage, crowd surf and then smoke a cigarette after his set. Nothing could keep Joe down!

I was lucky to be able to see Joe preform many times. I saw him in Vegas a few times and in his hometown of NOLA. I was able to photograph him, talk to him in person, and we were active facebook friends. I even had his phone number! I am so thankful now that I got to interview him for this blog and Vintage Rock Magazine.  

Now Joe is in heaven with his Duck Tail's and 16 Chicks! RIP Joe, you will be missed! 

Read my interview with Joe's life and long career here

See my cover of Joe at VLV here. 

You can also see Joe Clay in my articles in Vintage Rock Issue 18, 21 and 22!


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