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Socialite Spotlight: Sydney Voodoo

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I am so happy to introduce a new series here....Socialite Spotlight! In this series I will feature badass chicks that I admire. It could be for a unique business idea, philanthropy, or a wicked sense of style. The later is why I am featuring our first Socialite, Sydney Voodoo of Toronto, Ontario. We have been friends online for a while now and I am so obsessed with her entire look. I love her fashion sense, hair and makeup. I thought she would be fun to feature because her style is very different than anything I have featured on this site before. It's also a plus that she put these looks together without breaking the bank. Lastly, she is also a music lover and really knows her stuff. Now that I have branched out from rockabilly, I thought we could use a dose of 1970's bohemian and old school hair metal here! So, I asked Sydney to share four of her favorite looks with us...

I thought I'd introduce myself first, and just quickly say that Dollie is such a unique and lovely woman, that I am truly honored and flattered to be a guest on her blog. Well, I call myself Sydney Voodoo and here are my four favorite "looks", which was actually harder to choose than I thought. Hope they're not too boring!

This first style is a pretty simple look, I tried my best to channel both Axl Rose and Duff McKagan. Even though these particular pants remind me of Steven Tyler (oops), the dog chain and lock necklace is a Duff staple. Anyone who knows Duff, knows how he wore a necklace pretty much exactly like it back in the day. For a good solid three or so months, I wore that necklace on the daily, inspired by Sid Vicious more so, and the amount of people who said "who locked you up" or "who has the key" was absolutely horrendous. Like, please people, calm yourself, it's just a necklace...a dog chain and lock around the neck is just a symbol of the punk subculture, get over it. The GN'R tank with Axl on the front was an exciting gift to receive, as I've been a fan of GN'R for well over a decade, and I didn't have a shirt with any of the band members on it, because I could never find one. A friend of mine bought it for me, and he got it at Hot Topic. Now, these pants are my favorite part. They're very 70's, but also very different. Comfortable, affordable, classic, stylish, and simple. These pants I feel, are the star of the entire outfit, which I bought at H&M. The shoes I am wearing (but you can hardly see) are retro black moccasins that tie from the side, and also have silver conchos on the side, they're from the 80's and were my Mom's. My lipstick is made by Kat Von D, called "Bow N' Arrow" which is apart of her everlasting liquid lipstick line. 

I call this look, "Dazed and Confused" — reason being: I literally watched the 1993 cult classic film Dazed and Confused the night before I put this look together. For some reason, this year, I've been very inspired by the 1970's. Which is extremely weird for me, as I've never really looked to the 70's for inspiration. I've always loved that film, and I've always loved Farrah Fawcett (I mean, how can you not love her), so I meshed the two together. The way I curled my hair, is probably my new favorite way to "curl" my hair. Using a straightener, I took chunks of my hair, grabbed the straightener and basically curled it in a backwards motion. I've had my hair professionally styled like Farrah's once before and the guy used a curling iron, but a curling iron never worked for me...until I used a straightener. Once I curled every part of my hair, I put hairspray in, gave my hair a good shake, and brushed it out lightly using a thick round brush. The striped shirt is from Wal-Mart (yes, I like to buy clothes at Wal-Mart cause I'm ghetto like that), you can't go wrong with any shirt with stripes, and when I first saw this shirt, I thought it would give a great 70's vibe. My jeans are low rise (not a favorite style of jean but they're okay) boyfriend jeans, with cuts and holes all throughout the front of the pant legs. My makeup is another favorite piece of this look. I didn't use an eyeliner (which again, was weird for me), but using all NYX cosmetics for the eyeshadow and lipstick, I wanted to use all soft browns, since the 70's was all about that poop color! The lipstick is NYX's "Sandstorm" apart of their liquid suede line. 

My "1989" or "Ballad of Jayne" look, is inspired by a popular style in the late 1980's around the time when hair metal bands were everywhere and new one's were being signed to various labels every, single, day. In particular, I was really inspired by the band LA Guns or their frontman, Phil Lewis, and I was also somewhat inspired by the band Faster Pussycat. Both, pretty similar bands, but Phil Lewis wore a lot of blouses, loose fitting, maybe not as sheer as mine, but pretty damn close. He also wore a lot of scarves, and scarves around his head, but I wasn't gonna go that far, cause...not my thing. I never thought I'd get away with wearing a blouse as sheer as this black and white one (by the way, the little white things that look like dots, are actually little skulls), with just a bra underneath, but hey, lots of women dressed like this in the late 80's so, I gave it a try. Tying the bottom of the blouse is also apart of that inspiration. I wanted to add longer necklaces to this look, because I wanted to give it that gypsy feel, y'know, gypsy, electric, gypsy (sorry LA Guns lyric reference). The necklaces both belonged to my late aunt. I paired the blouse with a light denim (also popular jean color in the late 80's) high waisted jean, that I bought at H&M for under $25. The makeup I did for this look, I wanted to have more of a grey feel, so I mixed different purples and grey's to create the eye, and the lipstick is actually a hybrid of Kat Von D's "Bow N' Arrow" and "Witches" from her everlasting liquid lipstick line that I mixed together.
My "Little Dirty Blonde" look, which is probably my absolute favorite out of the four I decided on. One of my favorite late 80's hair metal bands, Winger and their 1990 album cover "In The Heart of the Young" t-shirt that I was so exciting to finally receive after a long 5 month waiting period. I bought it off a website called "bestrockshirts.com". Even though purple is my absolute favorite color, blue is a close second, and I love the colors that this shirt (and album cover) have to offer. This is a superb album, and on the back it says "Can't Get Enuff" which is a hit song off of the LP. I definitely tried to give a late 80's early 90's vibe, which I think I successfully did. My hair is my favorite part, I loved the curls I had going on here. Three days prior, I used my thinnest barrel curling iron, and very carefully took little pieces of hair, I don't know how many times I saw women in late 80's/early 90's music videos that had these small, tight curls, that I just had to conquer. Brushing out your curls is the key. With this shirt, I paired a black high waisted jean, with single cuts near the kneecap, which I got at H&M. The necklace I'm wearing is from Norway, and it originally belonged to my aunt. I really wanted my makeup to be bright, but I sadly don't have too many bright eyeshadow palettes, so I made do with what subtle blue eyeshadow's I had. The lipstick is my favorite part though. I'm wearing Jeffree Star's velour liquid lipstick in "Jawbreaker", and let me tell you, I live for Jeffree's cosmetics, this color of lipstick is everything, and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it.
Thank you to Sydney for allowing me to feature her on the site. Isn't she fab! Give her some love in the comments. You can also follow her on IG: @Sydneyvoodoo

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  1. Hehehe. As someone who lived through the late 80s, it's weird having someone explain it! I was a goth, but my boyfriends were into metal. (And yeah, I wore sheer blouses with bras underneath. Work it while you've got it!)


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