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Rockin' Review: Sin In Linen!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

I recently had to downsize from a king bed to a full size, so I was in need of some cool new bedding for my bachelorette pad. Of course Sin In Linen immediately came to mind. If you are not familiar with Sin In Linen, they started making bedrooms sexy again in 2004 with their pinup printed linens. Since then then they have spread into atomic, tattoo and goth prints. 

I love the Atomic Dreams set but it was sold out at the time so I got the Modern Vibes Duvet Cover. I liked that it was light and airy with only a simple pattern because my bedroom is so small. This duvet is 100% cotton sateen with embroidered atomic shapes which were designed by California artist, Ragnar, The duvet and pillow cases came in just about a week. I was really impressed with the quality, The fabric was soft but the embroidery looked strong and secure. That has held true because I have washed this about 4 times now and it held up great! I absolutely love it and think it is a good value for the price. 

I matched the duvet with pillows and curtains from Ikea. I also pulled in the colors from the duvet with some vintage yellow ceramics. I even ordered vinyl wall clings in an atomic pattern. I thought the room really came together well!  

"I was obsessed with the idea of grandma’s linen closet being hijacked by her punk rock granddaughter." -Sandy Glaze, Sin In Linen Founder
One of the coolest thing about this company though is the rockin' female owner: Sandy Glaze. I doubly love to support small businesses when they are fun by badass chicks. If you are ready to try something new in bed, check out their website: https://www.sininlinen.com/


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