New Site Coming in May '16!

1:24 PMDollie Noble

Hello friends! As you may have been able to tell, things have been really quiet around here (insert cricket sounds). BUT big things are coming. For real this time. I am not making it up. 
If you follow me on social media, or read my "Our Separation" post, you are clued into the fact that last year I separated from my husband. With that has come a ton of changes. During the six months that followed the separation I managed to move to a new bachelorette pad, switch jobs, and meet lots of new people (some to be introduced here in time). One thing I did not manage to do was blog. I found this space to have too many memories for a lot of obvious reasons. I mean, my ex is still on the page header for Christ sake. We are still very good friends and all, but we won't be continuing this blog together. I do not want to continue the blog alone in its current state either. So, I have a plan!
This month I will be unveiling a completely new blog. New name, new look, new content.
So from this post back, all content will be considered archived under The Rockabilly Socialite. All content from this post forward will be a new blog with a new name, direction, etc. Traffic to will be redirected to the new address where these archived posts will still be live to read and comment. I know change is scary y'all, but it is a necessary part of life. I have gown and changed, and this blog needs to grow with me. I hope I have your continued love and support through all of these changes.

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  1. I'm excited you'll be blogging again even if it is different!

  2. Good luck with the new blog, Dollie!

  3. I wondered when this would happen. I heartily approve...RIP 'Rockabilly'. ;-)


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