New Years Resolutions 2016

3:38 PMDollie Simpson

Hello friends! Happy New Year! I am writing this blog post from my new apartment, since I finally got internet. I am very happy in my new place here and excited to see what the new year holds for me. 

As is tradition, I am writing my New Years Resolutions here. I find it fun to look back and see how the have changed over the years. I know this year's resolutions will be unique, that's for sure! 

My New Years Resolutions

-Be unapologetic myself.
-Don't change who I am to please anyone else.
-Foster relationships with my girlfriends.
-Write more, social media less.
-Read more.
-Create art again.

And I think that is about it! Of course I'll workout and all that stuff too. Yada yada. But what is really important to me this year is to grow as a person, on the inside, rather than worrying about shrinking my body on the outside.

If you want to see last year's resolutions, read them here!


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  1. I don't really make new year's resolutions, but one thing I have been doing (which may seem silly) is knowing that I have enough and I am enough. Whether it comes to friendships, clothing or material objects, telling myself that some things just aren't worth my time, energy or filling up my physical world.

    Cheers to you and your new years resolutions, I wish you happiness and health <3

  2. Belated Happy New Year to you, Dollie!

  3. I've learned to hate Social Networking, good luck I hope you kick the addiction, I bought myself a nice Fountain Pen and a Journal and found that it is a good replacement.

  4. i like your site, i am saddened to hear what happened, i guess i am retro living like my poor childhood, but, much simpler, i am older, had a lot of things happen, including, being victimized by several attempted murders, once left in most rugged mountains in north america to die, no food, no water, summer clothes in a wintertime environment, no communication, going in out consciousness, with very limited mobility, wrongfully imprisoned 14 times for varying lengths, i have lost everything repeatedly, homeless 4 times, i wont go on, you only have yourself, people want to go back to 1940's or 1950's because of its status of having values that are absent in todays society, i seen it all, values aren't the lifestyle rather values are who you are, i learned to be simple, everything glass, steel, wood, have one high sided stainless steel frying pan, just throw various raw food in saute, add fish from jar, cook, eat, very simple food, the only other pan is a high sided stainless steel stockpot i throw everything in a simmer on low heat, 30 minutes before eating run up heat to kill any bad things, buy beer 20 ounce schooner glasses because they dont break easily to drink water out of, buy the same organic applesauce in glass jars, when empty wash them out, buy herbs locally in bulk, store in the glass jars, i have everything in those jars, keep my writing pencils pens, buttons, needles, etc, i use washing machine, hang my clothes over bathtub to dry out, keep inside temperature 60 degrees and wear clothes appropiate for season to stay warm, i have two stainless steel deep sinks to wash dishs by hand, one sink is full of water with soap, put dishes in that for several days, when sink full then wash dishes in other sink using hot soapy water etc, put in dish holder to dry, dont own a car, i live in rural county, i just walk, 20 miles sometimes then back 20 miles, i wear law enforcement clothing because its rugged, looks nice, never wears out, has lots of pockets, pair of light weight comfortable hiking boots, goretex coat, hat, gloves, large glasses for eye protection from wind and sun or rain, i buy food in season, or stored food, such as pumpkins from summer dried and stored for year around use, or green peas shelled and stored in glass applesauce jars, for year around use, i buy in bulk to save money, clothing i buy 10 pairs, 10 belts, at a time, herbs 50 pounds at a time, i get 10 % off or i dont buy, i am older stay sharp mentally by studying researching germ warfare, how food protects you, general medicine and how food protects you, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease hypertension, etc, how plants help you, i dont trust anybody, keep to myself, but, people show up at my door, usually thinking i can magically cure them after a life of doing everything bad to their health, which, wrecked their health, and doctors sent them home to die, somehow find out about me, i am straight up you may live or die, some die, some live, such is life, some refuse to listen and go back where they come from, retro is nice, but, understand every era has a dark side to it, some eras are better then other eras that is obvious, which is why they are attractive, in the end you decide how to live and adapt the era, i am caught up in ww ii, some parts of post ww ii to early 1960's, and british hong kong, because almost all of my relatives were in ww ii either for americans or british in pacific, everything can change, but, you can decide for yourself what you will change about yourself, eras represent values, you chose your values


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