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8:51 AMDollie Simpson

We announced this a while ago via FB, but it is about time we announce it here. A lot of changes are coming to this site, obviously, so we should start with the public announcement. I am sure in time I will divulge more details, because well, I am an over-sharer by nature.

Hello friends, where to start...A lot has happened recently. Many of you have seen Zack and I's recent status updates and know that something big was happening. Unfortunately, it’s not happy news. 
Zack and I are separating.
2015 has been the hardest year of our lives and we’ve battled through it best we could. We are sorry if this saddens you - our friends and family. We hope to remain friends with you all and hope that you don’t feel pressured to “pick a side.” The fact is, even though we are both very saddened, we are wanting to remain friends. In fact, you’ll probably still see us both at many of the same events. We don’t know how we’re supposed to handle this either. Please respect our space in this time. No hurtful messages (if someone is even mean enough to send one) to either of us will be tolerated.
Also, we’d like to say to try and be kinder to everyone. So many people have told us time and again how we were the “perfect couple.” There’s no such thing! We had our issues just like everyone else, we’re only human. So with that said, please send your love and prayers our way, we need them. The world keeps spinning ‘round, whether we like it or not. Hug your loved ones tighter tonight, tell them how you feel, because there are NO guarantees.

We love you all,
Dollie and Zack 

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  1. I do not believe , I considered them the perfect couple model. This very sad news , I hope in the future maybe you get right . But sometimes the evil that comes for good. Besos,

  2. I don't know either of you, just see you out & about but I do wish you both the best during this difficult time in your lives. Try to remain kind and loving toward each other, you'll appreciate it later.

  3. Hi dollie, Best wishes to you both at this difficult time, long time blog reader from the UK, going through a similar situation. Stay strong, think happy and keep busy :) xx Kate

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that the two of you are now separated. All the best to you both.

  5. So sorry Dolly. The best for you both.

  6. Best to you both. Hope things work out well in the end xo

  7. I'm sorry to hear this and I know how hard it is. I left my 16 year marriage in January 2015 and it was a very rough year, still is. Our community is wonderful and we are very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends the world over. Always here if you need someone to talk to. x


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