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Product Review: TUK Creeper Boots

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

I am so excited to share these photos with you all. I got these TUK Creeper Boots months ago and have worn them a ton since. They are super comfy and perfect for concerts. They are also some of the most versatile shoes I have, they can go with so many clothing styles! Luckily they still look good for these photos! 

TUK's website says it best: "These boots define the look of Rock ‘N Roll so don’t be shocked if you get mistaken for one of the band mates! These pointed toe boots are featured in black leather and have a slim fit and 3 straps with buckles." Totally true! I first saw these on a lead singer in a band and I thought they were so cool. Very British rock and roll.

Features: These TUK Black Leather Creeper Boots are slim fit, have a pointed toe, and three buckles. The sole is a traditional creeper style, just not terribly high. Even the inside of the boot is printed with the logo all over, very cool detail! I got the shiny leather but they also come in suede. 

I always size up in the TUK shoes as they don't carry half sizes. This is especially true of the narrow creeper styles. Therefore I went with the Men's 6/ Women's 8. Sometime I will add little cheap foam inserts if I feel like they have too much wiggle room, but these didn't need it. After I broke them in they were perfect. 

I have worn these shoes with stockings and dresses (perfect for fall), with fitted slacks to work, and jeans and band tees. I have all of these outfits on my Instagram (@Dollie.Simpson) if you want to see them! I really think these maybe my favorite shoes this fall! 

Thanks to TUK for making my favorite new shoes! I have five pairs of TUK shoes now and they are all I seem to wear! 


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