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Nicole Katherine Design's Custom Design Skirts!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

I am thrilled to share Nicole Katherine Design's new custom design skirts. This feature is new to the site, so when she contacted me to review it, I was so excited to try it out. I figure it is best to let her explain the ordering process: 

To Order:
  • Let us know if you want us to design a custom print OR...
  • If you just want a simple fabric option (gingham, dot, solid, plaid, etc.) any color combo available.
  • Or if you would like one of the custom atomic options shown
  • Waist measurements at belly button and rib measurement below bust line (about 4 inches above waist)
  • Desired skirt length
I sent her a vintage photo of this fabric. I had found it online forever ago and had it saved on my phone forever. It was so simple to upload the photo and send it over. Then they converted it to a computer graphic and sent it over to me for final approval. 

In less than four weeks I had my new custom print circle skirt in the mail. The fabric is nice, even though I can't place what is is. It is not like a cotton, or a polyester. It most reminds me of a thin and soft taffeta I guess. I am sure Nicole Katherine can tell us! I like that the waist band is nice and wide. There is also a metal back zipper, which makes it look really legit! 

I paired this skirt with a vintage black top and some atomic starburst flats from the TUK/Lux DeVille collaboration. However, I imagine I will be able to pair this with so many other things. I am so happy to have the perfect atomic harlequin print skirt. Thanks Nicole Katherine Designs! 


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  1. ohhh I will have to keep this in mind next time I see a vintage pattern I want to own in a skirt. Thanks for sharing this info with us. The skirt you had made is darling and looks fantastic on you :)



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