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New Music From Germany's The Lazy Boys

9:23 AMDollie Simpson

Our friend Mirko Glaser recently contacted us about his new release that just hit the stores on November 6th. We love to share new music, and especially new music from our friends, so check it out!

PART Records (Broken Silence – GAS / Sonic Rendezvous – NL / Spindrift Records - UK) Release Date (CD/LP/Digital): Nov 06 2015

The Lazy Boys do something rather unusual for a German band: they play Country Music. They like to tether their very own brand of it to the late 1960ies, when Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson und Waylon Jennings infected Country with Rock ’n’ Roll, turning it into something dangerous and raw. On “Get A Life“, their sixth sudio album, they practically play across the length of a whole album as if their lives depended on it.
“Rock ’n’ Roll and Country with a hint of dirty blues“, is what the band calls what they are doing. Tenderly laying out cross references to their own heroes: Chuck Berry is being quoted on “Devilish“ and the album’s title track amicably nods to “Drink Up and Go Home“ by Rockabilly-pioneer Carl Perkins.

Throughout the 18 years of their history The Lazy Boys carved out their very own niche: they have played over 600 concerts and extensively toured the United States twice. There, they have made appearances at the Viva Las Vegas Festival as well as at the prestigious Continental Club in Austin, Texas. Looking eastward, their traces lead to the Ural Mountains in Russia, where they toured upon invitation of the German consulate only last year...

GET A LIFE • tour dates

06.11. Hamburg – Cowboy & Indianer (Record Release Show!)
07.11. Halle (Saale) – Brohmers
21.11. Rosis Amüsierlokal – Dresden
28.11. Scharfenberg – Western Inn

13.12. Berlin – White Trash

22.01. Köln – Museum
11.03. Lofer (AT) – Bobos
12.03. Treviso (IT) - Nasty Boys Saloon 


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