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5 Ways To Create A Vintage/Retro Inspired Daily Look

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I am so happy to welcome guest blogger Michelle R to the Rockabilly Socialite. She has written a post about something I don't talk about all too often- How to create a vintage/retro daily look with items from your local stores. I do so much shopping online that sometimes I forget to share items from big chain stores. So Michelle has written a post that may help anyone who is new to this type of look. I hope you enjoy it! -Dollie

Let's take a little step back to the beginning of vintage and retro fashion and talk about a few ways a girl can create a look she can pull on every day. Some people feel a little bit odd at first about wearing all retro style clothing with the big hairdo and makeup. So in this article I am going to share five small steps on how you can incorporate a little bit of retro in your everyday look. It's an easy place to start! So, without any further ado – here they are!

1) Pick an era
Firsts things first! Vintage and retro sounds similar, but it actually means an entirely different things. Vintage and retro also have many different decades too. As you might know, style senses and trends were quite different from the 1920’s through 1970’s. So if you want to have a vintage or retro look, you need to decide which era is your favorite. Also, keep in mind that it would be a lot easier to choose period somewhere from 1950’s and forward since that is not as long ago. Your mothers or grandmothers been in this era and can advice you lot on the style too. So, just firstly pick one and then get looking! 

2) You will never miss with the red lips
One of the most iconic fashion and style accents in a vintage/retro look is surely a bright blood red lip. You can easily add this to your daily look without feeling ‘too retro’. In fact, these days wearing a bright red lipstick even during the day is considered to be trendy and totally doable. So go for a bright red lip to have a little bit of vintage in your daily life. You can find red lipstick anywhere makeup is sold, and it's one of the fastest and most affordable ways to take your look back in time. If you end up hating it, at least it cost about the same as a latte!

3) Get inspired by classic brands
You can also try to look for inspiration if you just simply Google a few classic brands that were famous during the era you chose. For example, in the 1950-60’s Dior New Look was popular and loved by many women all around the Europe and North America. It was famous for their super feminine shaped clothing, nipped in waist and full skirts that flatter every body shape without any doubt. There also are many other great and old fashion names you can get inspired, so just do your research on the web! 

4) Choose one retro or vintage accent
For the classic but modern look with a little bit of retro taste, you may choose to avoid dressing head to toe vintage. That is an undertaking after all! It may be better to choose one strong emphasis and build your whole outfit around it. For example, a 1930’s lace dress with some modern elements like ankle boots will look super stylish, but won’t lose its retro vibe. Or you can dress for work in a classic business suit, but pull retro-looking jewelry as well. Just remember not to get overexcited while dressing up and playing with retro styles. If you are hesitant to wear this style, less is more for sure!

5) Shop for modern vintage inspired clothing

Finally, I can also recommend you to look for not only real vintage clothing made in that era, but for modern designer made clothing with a hint of true classics. That would be a perfect marriage of old and modern and it will look super great and appropriate for many occasions as well. For example, I often find such stuff at Kohl’s! I have found some great 50's inspired border print skirts there, flirty dresses from designers such as Lauren Conrad (can you believe it?), and cool 60's/70's rocker chick looks from Rock and Republic. Also, right now you can shop there with superb Kohl’s coupons and discount codes I recently discovered. Again – remember that a little bit of retro is better than no retro! Just look for little hints and you will embrace vintage looks perfectly!  

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