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8:27 AMDollie Simpson

Hello Friends! We are back from vacation and getting right to work. We are behind on lots of fun posts, but we have just a quick one for you today. Before we left we  completely redesigned the blog. You may have noticed that right? It is full of a lot of cool new features like a slider on the top, a new contact form, and a community tab. I love the Rock-N-Roll look!

Rockabilly Community Logo

Before we left we also set up a brand new forum, called The Rockabilly Community. We wanted a place where we could talk one-on-one with our friends and readers. There used to be so many cool rockabilly forums online, but they seem to have been lost to time. So we are glad to bring something new to everyone in hopes of re-connecting. The forum has topics on music, weekenders, fashion, cars, pinup and burlesque. It also has an area where you can post your own blogs (copy and paste any from your blog!), photos, etc. However, this site is not cheap to maintain, so I am hoping to get some advertisers over there to help offset the cost. It's a win-win for all!

Please check out the forum if you can. It is a quick set-up. The answer to the sign up question is "blue", but you knew that!

Dolie and Zack 

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