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VLV 19: Lineup Leak #5

12:00 PMDollie Simpson

I can't beleive it is already time to leak another band from the VLV 19 line-up! Not that I could possibly forget, as I have many people on Facebook hounding me for more leaks! I am glad you guys are digging this though. So, without further ado, let's get our leak on:

Lance Lipinksky and The Lovers!

Lance Lipinsky and The Lovers is the newest project from Lance. I was so excited when I found out about this new band, and I was doubly excited to see them listed on the Viva Las Vegas 19 lineup.

It seems that many people have mixed feeling about Lance. I however, have loved Lance since I first saw him play with Dean Z. I feel like I will basically always love him and anything he does, no matter what other people say. Maybe the men just don't understand his schtick or are envious over the way he makes the ladies swoon. I guess we will never know.

Even if you are not familiar with The Lovers, or other work of Lance Lipinsky, you may have heard Lance's portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis while in Las Vegas or his current home, Chicago, in Million Dollar Quartet. He is the best Jerry Lee tribute artist I have ever seen! However, he has talent in his own right also. 

If you are a music snob, and not into smooth moves, good looks and tribute acts, you may be interested to know that The Lover's debut album was recorded at Hi-Style Records on all original analog equipment. You can't get more authentic than that!

I feel that I also have to mention that the guitarist is Wyatt Maxwell, who we all know and love from Mad Max and The Wild Ones. He is also someone I will love no matter what project he does, so of course I am ecstatic to see these two paired together. The facebook page may be a bit outdated, but from what I can tell the rest of the band consists of John Perrin on drums, Zach Lentino on bass, Aaron Getsug on baritone sax. The Lovettes are Darcy Jo Wood, Jessy James Lyons and Tameka Estes.

Check out their introduction video here:

I know I am excited to see Lance Lipinsky and The Lovers for the first time at VLV 19, and I hope you are too!


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