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VLV 19: Lineup Leak #4

6:43 PMZack Simpson

Another day, another VLV band leaking through. Who's it going to be this time? We're really glad everybody is enjoying this series. Thank you to everyone for sharing the links! 

Okay, without further ado, the next leaked band is...

From Rhythm Bomb Records it's the Boston Bean himself, Jittery Jack! Not many artists recently have had the buzz that Jittery Jack has enjoyed. This guy has been getting shipped all over the world to play the top festivals. And for good reason, his live show is among the most entertaining you'll find and his band is rocking with the fabulous Miss Amy on guitar.

Take a listen!

There ya have it! We can't wait to see our pal Jittery Jack tearin' it up again at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender! Have you bought your ticket yet? Shame on you, whaddya waitin' fer? Haven't you heard they're selling faster than ever? Buy tickets here!

Tune in tomorrow, same rockabilly time, same rockabilly channel, for another exciting adventure of Whose Playing Viva Las Vegas?

Dollie & Zack

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