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VLV 19: Lineup Leak #7

6:50 PMDollie Simpson

Here we are, ready to leak another band for the Viva Las Vegas 19 lineup! We thought maybe you would all be tired of leaks by now, but we are still being hounded on Facebook waiting for the next leak (Here is lookin' at you Angel, Keith and Angela).

So, we thought we would hurry up and leak the next band before people get their panties in a bunch:

The Starjays!!!

We have seen this rockin' rhythm and blues band a few times and really like them. It helps that some of the members are our friends! The Starjays are Angelatini (vocals), Roy Kay (vocals, guitar), Marshall Scott Warner (drums), Tony Laborie (slap bass), Mike Geglia (lead guitar), Sean Jensen (sax), and special guest Carl Sonny Leyland (piano). We hope you will come out to see them play at VLV! If you are not familiar with The Starjays, check them out on Facebeook and Youtube:

Tomorrow we have one more leaked band and then we are off for the weekend. We may have more bands next week unless Tom announces the rest of the lineup via email. I know even we are waiting to hear the big car show headliner. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so you get these updates. If not, we also post them here as soon as possible.

As always, you can purchase VLV tickets on the website!

Dollie and Zack

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