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Styling the Marilyn corset from Violet Vixen

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

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I was recently given the opportunity to style the Marilyn's Starlight Seduction corset from the Violet Vixen. Before I get into the styling, I need to introduce you to The Violet Vixen. They are an online storefront based out of Texas that sells corsets for burlesque dancers, pinups, glamour girls, goths, thespians, steampunks, even men! They have authentic waist training corsets, but they really excel at corsets you can wear as outerwear. These corsets aren't like the ones you buy at the mall though, they are legit steel boned corsets, just very decorative! They also carry items for the rest of the outfit, like corset dresses, skirts, ruffle undies and high heels. 

Here are the details on the Marilyn's Starlight Seduction corset: 
  • Bones: 8 spiral steel bones over the bust of the corset
  • Bones: 4 flat steel bones are distributed all around the corset
  • Lacing: It has 6.5 meter long lace which is used to tight lacing the corset
  • Modesty panel 7 inches wide. This will hide skin at the back
  • Fabric Layer-1: Shell Fabric100% Poly satin which is fused for strength
  • Fabric Layer-2: Lining 100% cotton which is fused for strength
  • Trims: White satin trim
  • Waist tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold
  • Lace strap shoulder ties 
  • Hooks for garter belts

If you are new to buying corsets, and not sure if you want a cheaper "costume" corset or an "authentic" corset, check out the blog post that The Violet Vixen wrote on the subject. It is very thorough and full of lots of good info!

I ended up styling this overbust corset with a modern wiggle skirt with sheer lining and vintage studded heels and a studded leather jacket from Durango Leather Co. This corset it so supportive that I can actually wear it without a bra, which is rare for me. It was comfortable too. But my favorite part has to be the diamond print in the lace and satin. So pretty! 

If you are not into corsets, they also have outfit options, like I mentioned. I picked out these skirts and shoes because I thought they were cute. The print on the left also has a matching top! 

I also picked out these two things that I liked. This spiderweb top is perfect for Oct and these heels are as sexy as can be! 

Make sure you like The Violet Vixen on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on sales and new releases. Thank you so much to The Violet Vixen for allowing me the opportunity to style this corset! 


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