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A few days before Viva Las Vegas our favorite record label, Rhythm Bomb Records, graciously sent us a care package full of new music. Our Las Vegas road trip music was set! It may have taken us a while to complete this post because we've been listening to them all non stop, so here's what we think.

Starting from the top in picture -

Black Patti - No Milk No Sugar: Here's a group we previously knew nothing about and to our great surprise ended up being our favorite record of the bunch! This is some good ol' fashioned down home acoustic delta blues. The duo, based in Germany, consists of Peter Crow C. and Mr. Jelly Roll and they round out their sound with acoustic guitar, harmonica and mandolin. If you're looking for a refreshing break to all that boppin' and rockin' and the rollin', be sure to check these guys out!

The Kabooms: This Spanish quartet is one of the hottest rockabilly acts we've heard in recent memory. Filled with 14 all original songs, their debut record starts with the Pat Cupp sounding "Beggin' On My Knees" and keeps jumping all the way to the end. It's getting harder to find good traditional rockabilly it seems, so take our advice and check out The Kabooms!

Nico Duportal & his Rhythm Dudes - Guitar Player: One of the best modern jump blues records. All the way from France, Nico is one of the finest guitar players making the rounds right now. He cites some of his influences as T-Bone Walker, Freddie King and Lightnin' Hopkins, among many others. Guitar Player is packed with 6 originals and 6 well chosen covers. Put this one on and watch the dance floor fill up!

Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets - By My Side: There's no slump here! The sophomore release from Carolina is 13 tracks (12 of which are originals) of varied tempos and sounds that make it a real joy to sit through. There's a jungle beat, some country tones and even a surf inspired instrumental. And of course, solid rockabilly in between it all. We'd heard good things for awhile, but now we know for sure that we need to go back and buy her debut album as well!

Ricky Fabian - Pictures: Drawing inspiration from movie soundtracks, Pictures has a polished early '60s sound with classic love themes. However there is plenty of snarling energy featured on tracks such as "Big Ole Bag," or the rockin' energy on "Skinny Jeannie." There's also a sweet duet with Miss Ruby Ann entitled "Hideaway Blues." Pictures is a nicely layered album with varied tempos and well thought out instrumentation.

The Rip'em Ups - Killswitch!: This is L.A. rock 'n' roll at it's purest. This album manages to capture the live sound and energy of the Rip'em Ups so perfectly that we had to double check that it wasn't in fact a live album. Killswitch only reinforces our belief that the Rip'em Ups are one of the premier late '50s early '60s rock 'n' roll bands going right now. Look for them at your favorite festivals. Be sure to turn up the volume and rock out to the first single "I Wanna Love You." 


Thanks again to Rhythm Bomb for sending us this fantastic music. Their ear for good music is unparalleled at the moment and the label keeps churning out one great artist after another. No but really, if you see the Rhythm Bomb logo on the record you're considering purchasing stop thinking and just buy it! Also be sure to catch all these artists live at various rockin' festivals all around the world!

Make sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook!

Zack & Dollie

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