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Nashville Boogie: Thursday Night

4:35 PMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our Nashville Boogie series- 

The first official event of the Nashville Boogie was the Thursday night show at the Nashville Palace. This place was awesome! It was a really authentic honky tonk/saloon. They have vintage western memorabilia on display all over. There is a big bar, large stage and a wide dance floor. People here could actually dance too. The place was full of square dancers! 

It was great to see so many friends. We caught up with all of the people we haven't seen since Viva. We actually had time to talk for once! Everyone looked great in their western wear. 

The first act we saw was Lucky Tubb and The Modern Day Troubadours, the great nephew of none other than Ernest Tubb. We haven't seen him in a few years, so it was great to see him again. He fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the Nashville Palace. 

The next band up was Hillbilly Casino. The name Hillbilly Casino may be a little misleading as they are not terribly hillbilly. I guess the most hillbilly thing about them is that they are Nashville locals. This band is really upbeat, fast and crazy. No slow and drawn out hillbilly tunes here! The lead singer runs around on stage dancing and jumping and really puts a lot into the performance.

Closing out the night was The Planet Rockers. They kept the dance-floor packed until last call and even then people didn't want to leave. Night one at the Nashville Palace was way too much fun!

Stay tuned for more Nashville Boogie coverage!

Dollie & Zack

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  1. This night was fantastic!!!


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