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Nashville Boogie: Friday

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our Nashville Boogie series-

On Friday we woke up to a beautiful spring day in Nashville, TN. We went into the 'burbs to see where our friend was staying. The neighborhood was so cute and quaint. On the corner of the block was a chocolate shop where they made small batches of craft chocolate there by hand. It was so good! Right across the street was a little vegan coffee house and juice bar. We had breakfast there to fuel up for our adventure! 

The first store we stopped at was Katy K's Ranch Dressing. This is a well-known Nashville shop that carries vintage and retro styled clothing. Of course, they had a lot of western stuff! Sadly the shop is closing it's doors after all these years, so everything was on sale. Even so, we were on a strict budget so I only ended up buying two little vintage novelty charm bracelets. 

After shopping we were quite thirsty. We knew we HAD to visit the most authentic honky tonk in Nashville: Robert's Western World! Everyone said they had the best old country music, the cheapest beer and the best fried bologna. After a few rounds of afternoon beers we finished touring Broadway and headed to the hotel to check-in. 

We stayed at the host hotel, The Gaylord Opryland. This is the largest non-gaming hotel in the U.S.! The staff at check-in was so nice that they upgraded us to a nicer room with a balcony and view. The room was beautiful and well appointed. The hotel was so huge that it was easy to get lost but we figured it out after a day or so. The ballroom, vendors, and car show were all inside of the hotel. There was also many bars, restaurants and gardens. If you wanted to, you could stay in that hotel for days without leaving. 

The first artist we caught for the weekender was rockabilly legend, Art Adams. He played some of his classics like "Dancin' Doll" and "Indian Joe" along with a couple newer songs. It is amazing how well he can still play and sing! 

The next act we caught was Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys. Living in California, we are lucky to get to see Big Sandy all the time. We didn't need to travel all the way to Tennessee to see him, but boy are we glad we did. This was one of his highest energy shows we have seen in a long time. I mean, look at Ashley jumping! 

I was so happy to see one of my favorite bands there, The Bellfuries! They are guaranteed to always put on a good show. I love these boys from Texas! 

After the show the DJ's played for a bit, but there was not a big dancing crowd. We were a little disappointed that the DJs ended early, so we just planned to hang out in the ballroom drinking our own beer and listening to our playlist. However they turned the lights out on us! I guess the hotel is not used to this kind of event. No bother, we just moved the party to our hotel room! 

Stay tuned for our next post on Saturday night at the Nashville Boogie!


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  1. Hey lady ~

    Did you put together a blog/review about the Nashville Boogie - Saturday Day?

  2. We were surprised by the lack of dancing as well! Most of the time it seemed only Nate and I were dancing!


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