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7:47 PMZack Simpson

We are in the middle of weekender season. Do you have your weekender schedule lined up? If so, we hope you have included the Rockabilly Rockout. If not, there is still time! 

 If you are not familiar with The Rockabilly Rockout, it is a rockabilly weekender in it's second year. It is put on by none other than Tom Ingram of Viva Las Vegas. It is 4 days and 4 nights of the best bands and DJ's, all housed in the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It is just like the early days of Viva Las Vegas or Rockabilly Rave USA. 

This weekender is different than what you have come to know as a Las Vegas weekender. It is what this weekender doesn't have that makes it special. The Rockout doesn't have an official car show, only preferred top deck parking for classic cars. There also isn't any burlesque, pinup contest, or multiple bands playing at once. Nope, this weekender is unique because it's just about a select number of great bands, DJ's and vendors fit for a small crowd of 1,500. There is only one room of music with DJ's in between, so you won't have to run from room to room to see everything. You can stay in one place, enjoy your adult beverages and be sure to see everything. There is also a vendor room full of the best in vintage clothing, records, and even a small dance floor and DJ set up. During the day guests can sit buy the pool, enjoy all of the restaurants and walk the strip. This weekend will be the perfect mix of relaxation and rock and roll!

Tickets are on sale now but are very limited as only 1,500 will be sold total. Once sold out no more tickets will be added. You can buy the 4 day pass from the website now for $120. I have mine and I hope to see you there!

I still have some great stuff listed in my Etsy store: Rockabilly Socialite Vintage. I recently re-listed everything in my shop with new SALE prices! I am basically giving stuff away because I have too much! I need to get rid of things. so feel free to look around and make an offer on anything you may like!

Welcome back to Cats Like Us! I'm sure you have heard of Cats Like Us before, but if not, Cats Like Us is a retro style clothing boutique selling new fashions with classic styles from the 1940's, 50's and 60's in modern fabrics and contemporary sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. They offer a unique selection of hand selected styles and gifts for men, women and children in modern sizing. They are based out of western New York but have a great online store also! They have lots of great new items right now, including items from Sourpuss, Heart of Haute, Sparklelux and Nicole Katherine Designs. I picked out these items to show you because I thought they were so cute and would be really fun to wear this summer. I love this fish purse and this super cute dress! If you are just getting into retro styles, Cats Like Us is a great place to start. The owners are so nice too, so you can feel good buying from them! They also have a fun blog, including one post where you may recognize someone, so check it out! 

I would like to welcome Kinny & Howie Retro Boutique back as an advertiser. Kinny & Howie is an online boutique that specializes in retro fashions for women. They carry their own made made in USA line as well as others from Steady, Hell Bunny and Sourpuss. They are located in Los Angeles, CA. While looking through their site I picked out a few cute things for the beach this summer. I am going to Cancun later in the year and drooling over this swimsuit! This is really cute together, yes? Their items are very affordable and will fit basically any budget. So if you can't afford to spend $300 on a vintage dress, check out Kinny & Howie! 



Have you heard of Vintorian Publications yet? I assume not. It is a brand new publication set to debut this August. The name "Vintorian" is a play on vintage and victorian, showcasing the styles they will be covering. So far the Facebook page has been getting some action, where they have been leaking article titles such as "Five Free Historical Reads". They also have been doing a few giveaways for things such as suffrage magnets. So, until you can get a copy of this new mag in your pretty little hands, go to their Facebook and make sure you give it a "Like". That way we can all stay up to date and keep in touch with the Vintorian community!

Thank you again to all of our lovely advertisers who brighten my day. I am endlessly thankful for you!


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