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Breaking News: Rockabilly Rockout II CANCELED

7:31 PMDollie Simpson

Have you heard the news? There will be no good rockin' tonight, because the Rockabilly Rockout II has been canceled. It was just announced mere minutes ago, so we wanted to bring you this news as soon as possible. Promoter of the Rockabilly Rockout, Tom Ingram, posted this message on Facebook this evening: 

"To All People Who Bought Tickets for The Rockout

It is with regret that I must tell you that I have had to cancel The Rockabilly Rockout this year. I have spent a lot of money on promotion and that has not resulted in ticket sales. To date we have only sold just over 100 tickets. At this date last year we had sold about 350. I do not know why this is. I am sure everyone could come up with many reasons. I personally think it was going to be a great line up of bands and record hops. The reaction after last years Rockout was very positive and I have seen many of you post comments. I can only think that people do not want to go to an event in the same city more than once a year, no matter what the city. In contrast, Viva Las Vegas tickets are selling faster than last year.

Obviously you will not lose out on the money you paid for tickets. I can offer you 2 options:

1) A full refund by the method of payment.
2) Viva Las Vegas Tickets instead (which normally cost $5 more)

Please email me and let me know which option you would prefer.

I am really sorry about this but I had no option. The loss was just going to be too high and the interest was not there. If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for having bought tickets for the Rockout .

After this announcement people expressed disappointment all over Facebook. People commented how they had already bought tickets, gotten hotel rooms and were looking forward to the great line-up. And a great line-up it was! We were looking forward to seeing rockabilly legend Hayden Thompson again, as well as our friends from around the world like Ruby Ann and Jittery Jack. There were also some acts we just haven't seen in a while, like The Hi Q's, Jack Baymoore and our hometown favorite, The Lucky Stars. 

While I am disappointed, I am not surprised. This mimics the exact pattern of the Rockabilly Rave USA. I expect that in the same way, people will be talking for years about "how good the Rockout was" and how they want it back. Yet these same people are now upset because they waited to buy tickets to The Rockout and it is now canceled because of it. Everyone talks the talk, but not enough people walk the walk. 

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. What have we all done to grow this music scene that we all love? Of course all of our U.S. weekenders will die if people don't support them. We need to help promote the events, book hotel rooms and buy tickets. It isn't rockabilly rocket science people! If you don't support these small U.S. weekenders they will die and you will be left there to talk about "the glory days."

In the end this is just a sad testament to the state of the rockabilly community in the U.S. I am getting really tired of it. We need to bring rockabilly back home to the U.S. where it belongs and stop letting the U.K. kick our ass at weekenders!

Dollie and Zack 

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  1. I completely agree. It is a sad that this happened and i wish everyone would come together and support the scene we have before it too late and its gone. I was really looking forward to the great lineup.

    If people are looking to fill the void in October hopefully my event can do that a little. Get all the details for Rhythm and Rods #2 taking place sat oct 24th at riversiderockabilly.com and the event link below. 17 bands in one day.

  2. got a lot of catching up to do, rockabilly weekends have been happening since 1979 in the uk. long before the usa even cared about the music.

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