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Update: The Honeybees Ladies Club

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

We've been very busy at the Honeybee Hive with new bee-prints for the club!

We have decided that The Honeybees Ladies Club should become a honeycomb, or rather a network, across the world where like-minded ladies can share information with one another. In other words…


We want to welcome talented ladies from our vintage community and encourage friendship, loyalty, and the nurturing of our “woman skills.” We hope that by bringing us all together in this manner we can create togetherness among the women of the vintage community and a support system for one another.  We plan to providing craft tutorials, share recipes, give helpful tips, share our love for vintage, and provide any information on what we believe can be helpful to our fellow Honeybees. 

Future posts on this blog will be dedicated to just such information. We hope that this also means you will create small chapters in your area for meet-ups to help share your talents with one another in person. As you may or may not know we have also started an Instagram, @honeybees_ladies_club, where we will frequently be posting from. We also have our Facebook Page where we will share links to websites with great tutorials and other information.

Now you probably want to know how this is going to work. Start by following our Instagram or Facebook page. You are now a member! Tag us and use our hashtag, #honeybeesladiesclub on any posts you do that you believe are Honeybee worthy. We will then reshare your posts on our Instagram and Facebook for everyone in the club to see. Have a great tutorial? We have plans for future guests on this blog to share with our members. It’s just that easy!! We also have plans for a pin and shirts that can be purchased so that you can display your membership proudly.  And please share with your friends, get them to join, we want this to be a great community!

Have questions, suggestions or just want to share your excitement with us? Please contact us via our Facebook Page or through our email: where either Reagan or I can get back to you.

Here at the main hive we are very excited about the changes and what the future holds for The Honeybees! We've got lots more to come!!! So welcome to the club!

Dollie, the Queen Bee and President
Reagan, Vice President

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