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VLVL 18: Friday Afternoon

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued From Our VLV Series- 

Friday afternoon was the morning we had the most down time. We slept in as much as we could then got to the pool by 3pm for the men's vintage swimsuit contest. I was honored to be asked to judge along with T Bone of His Vintage Touch and Ms. Esther. The contest was judged by Scott Hinds of The Royal Hounds and The Million Dollar Quartet. He was a natural host. 

The men in the contest were a hoot. We were trying to keep it PG but these guys made it difficult with all of their boody shaking, stripping and flexing. At one point we even got a hair flip and a booty pop from one of the contestants. We were cracking up! At the end we just picked the best three suits based on the suit alone, no matter how charismatic the gentlemen were. 

Stay tuned for the write up for Friday night! 


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