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VLV 18: Sunday Night

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our VLV 18 series-

After leaving the pool party we rushed over to the Showroom still in our bathing suits to watch the Charles Phoenix slideshow. Always the fan favorite, Charles' show is full of hilarious pop-culture musings told through vintage slides. And there was also a Twinkie food fight!

For the first time ever at VLV, The Dave & Deke Combo's Hillbillyfest! Previously only a Southern California tradition, we were excited for everyone else to finally get a taste of the zanyness that is Hillbillyfest. And, as the two time reigning Miss Hillbilly Dumplin', I was asked to join in on the stage shenanigans as a Hee-Haw girl! Some of the fun included a pickled egg eating contest, a mountain dancing demonstration and we crowned a new Miss Hillbilly Dumplin'. Performers included Ramon Espinoza (The SideWynders), The Mayor Mitch Polzak (The Royal Deuces), Scotty Broyles and of course, The Dave and Deke Combo. Hearing some banjo plucked amidst a full weekend of rockin' music was heaven to my ears! Hopefully Tom will bring this back as a yearly feature. 

Looking for Sunday night deals and running into friends in the Vendor rooms.

Even though the weekend is coming to a close, everyone is determined to keep the party going on a Sunday night. How did the weekend fly by so fast? Oh that's right, non stop bands, dancing and too much booze! 

Before saying teary goodbyes until next year everyone hits the dancefloor for one last night of fun. The music stays playing until 7am and everybody calls for an extension on checkout the next morning! 

Another Viva Las Vegas is in the books and what a time it was! VLV is unlike any other rockabilly weekender we've been too and something that every fan of vintage rock 'n' roll should experience. Many thanks go to Tom Ingram and his hard working staff and security -  Manisha and Alisha to name a couple specifically. Thanks for creating an awesome event and for being so kind to me and this blog over the years! 

It's never too early to make your VLV plans, and The Rockabilly Socialite has all the pro-tips you need to know. Be sure to type in  Viva Las Vegas in the "Search this Blog" section or click the Viva Las Vegas label to see our many year's worth of Viva Las Vegas coverage. Hope to see you next year!

Dollie & Zack

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