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VLV 18: Friday Night

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

After a fun day spent poolside, we hurried back upstairs to the ballrooms to check out the fantastic Kay Marie. If you missed our pre-Viva interview we did with Kay you can read it here.

It seems that everytime Kay Marie has come through the L.A. area we've not been able to go, for one reason or another. This time we knew we couldn't miss her even though her set time was during the "dinner time" slot for the evening. And we're so glad we finally saw her play. She has one of the sweetest voices around! Plus her sound was such a refreshing change of pace during the weekend. The easy comparison may be to Patsy Cline, but you could also throw in the country sweetheart vibe of Rose Maddox, and add in some rockin' western swing for good measure. Be sure to pay attention to Kay Marie!

On Friday night you can expect to see a well dressed crowd and a lot of smiles!

Our friends the Rattle Rockin' Boys from Arizona certainly brought that traditional boppin' beat to Vegas this year. They also debuted their brand new 45rpm record. So be sure to buy a copy when you see them. Their style is 100% rockabilly and they wouldn't have it any other way. Be sure to read our interview we did with their drummer and VLV DJ, El Dedo.

Tom Ingram does a great job building and promoting VLV, but like any good boss, he has a great team around him. Two of those on that team are our Viva Las Vegas MC's: Del Villareal and Big Sandy. These two run back and forth all over the building the entire weekend to help bring the bands on and off the stage. So be sure to "let 'em know" that they did a great job when you next see them.  

Bobby Brooks Wilson is a great showman, just like his father. If you haven't read his full story be sure to check it out. Who doesn't love dancing the night away to Jackie Wilson hits? 

Rhythm Bomb records has built quite the impressive stable of artists in recent years and kicking off their VLV label showcase was the hard hitting Frantic Rockers. These guys are a rockin' blues outfit that take no prisoners. They charge straight ahead but their sound remains balanced. Their slightly different style and tone really helps them stand out in a weekender like VLV.

Those masked Margraves were back at it again as part of the Rhythm Bomb Showcase. This time they had the lovely Ramona sing a song with them. These guys certainly are dance floor fillers, be on the lookout for a chance to catch them!

Our pal Jittery Jack was up next to sing songs about his favorite subject: Boston. And again I was honored that he asked me (Mr. Dollie DeVille!) back onstage to play a few songs with him. As usual, the fabulous Miss Amy was there to tear it up on lead guitar. The crowd loves Jittery Jack because he's animated and energetic on stage, but also because his songs just have a distinctive groove. We tease him a lot on the blog, but these guys are one of our very favorites! 

We caught a few other acts very briefly on Friday night, namely Nico Duportal and Sean Coleman and The Quasars. Unfortunately, sometimes the photo gods just aren't on your side. But Nico, what a guitar player, and with our pal Tommy Harkenrider also helping on guitar they made quite the duo! Sean Coleman has that voice than can just belt out a tune. Really impressive to hear. 

That about wraps up Friday, stay tuned for Saturday!

-Dollie and Zack

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