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VLV Pre-Party at the School of Rock N Roll

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

The weekend before Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is always dedicated to pre-parties. This year there were a ton to choose from! We had to go to The School of Rock N Roll in Pomona CA since it is always a good time. 

The week before VLV is when all the bands from overseas start trickling in. So you know some cool bands that travel from overseas will be playing at a pre-party or two. One of those bands was Rhythm Bomb Record's Ricky Fabian from Germany. I had never seen them before but I liked them. He had some great "Elvis-esq" dance moves. 

A great crowd always turns up for these pre-viva parties! 

Mike Bell and The Bell Tones were up next. They came all the way from Finland for Viva Las Vegas. Actually, all of the bands that played at the School of Rock N Roll were also playing Viva. Seeing them before works out because if you love them then you know to see their set at Viva, or if they are up against another band you also want to see, than you don't have to feel guilty for missing them. Win-win! I personally loved Mike Bell and the Bell Tones. What a great traditional style rockabilly band! 

One of the most buzzed about acts of Viva Las Vegas was this little firecracker, Crystal and the Runnin' Wild. Her and her band came all the way from Belgium to support their newest record on Rhythm Bomb. She is a small girl with a big voice. She has a great stage presence and a good backing band. The guitarist in her band is her dad, can you believe that? We saw them a ton at Viva Las Vegas, so I can vouch that they are one cool family! 

As always, we closed out the night dancing and drinking. It was the perfect warm-up to Viva Las Vegas.While at Viva we made sure to pick up all of their albums! Stay tuned for all of our Viva coverage coming up in the next few weeks. 


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  1. I always get so sad that I can't go to Viva so I love living vicariously through everyone else's posts and photos. It always looks amazing but I doubt that I could ever afford to go. Have already started looking up the bands you have mentioned. They're all really good!

    Rowena x


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