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VLV 18: Thursday Night

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

Okay, now the party is really getting started! Those other days? Just warm ups! Thursday night is when the main ballroom opens and the action officially begins.

The Hi-Tones traveled all the way from Russia and were given the responsibility of kicking things off right in the Ballroom. They wasted no time getting the room energy up as they chugged through some of their original tunes. We were happy to see that even though they came from far, and had to open the ballroom, that they had a packed house to see them.

Always such a well dressed crowd at Viva Las Vegas!

Lil' Mo was back, this time with his Unholy Four project. A devilish blend of rockabilly and country had the audience up front and rockin' out! Always the crowd favorite, Mo is booked year after year because his bands are fun and energetic. 

One of our favorite performances of the weekend came from Mike Bell and the Belltones, from Finland. These guys had such great energy and played in the great traditional way. It looked like they had a lot of fun on stage, which must have spread to the audience because they had a packed house of dancers.

Always favorites here on this blog is the Go-Getters. These guys have been playing for a long time but their performances are always consistent. Hard driving rockabilly sometimes mixed with a punk tinge. In a scene where a lot of bands end up sounding the same, the Go-Getters always stand out.

A Jake Calypso side project, Wild Boogie Combo was one of the surprises for the weekend. Even though we really dig Jake, we had not heard of this band. Well if you like your blues bopped hard then this may be the band for you. No frills, just straight ahead driving blues, with a touch of crazy. Fantastic!

The Savage Hornets are a new project featuring Carlos Bandido and guitarist Tony Diavolo. They are a neat mix of roots and neo stylings, all with smooth vocals. Their sound was rockabilly, swampy and sometimes loungy! In other words, hard to pinpoint, but fun to listen to! 

Stay tuned for plenty more VLV coverage!

Zack and Dollie

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