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VLV 18: Thursday Day

9:40 AMDollie Simpson

After a riotous Wednesday, we were excited to get Thursday (and the whole weekend!) off to a start. First up for us was Sweetpea's Hooch 'n' Smooch. This event is a meet and greet geared around making new friends. Attendees are asked to fill out a name tag and to go start introducing themselves to new people. Sweetpea also books several bands and has some DJ's help out in between. She works really hard every year to set this event up, mostly by herself, so make sure you thank her when you see her. Sweetpea is a real gem on the rockabilly scene!

The first group we caught was Marshall Scott Warner! Marshall is a long time VLV attendee and a good person to introduce yourself to with your new name badge. His band plays in the traditional rockabilly and honky tonk ways and we really dug it! The dancers did too!

Sweetpea invited me onstage to promote the blog and magazine and also talk about supporting this music we all love.

Seeing old friends, and making new ones; That's what the Hooch 'n' Smooch is all about! Don't be shy. You never know who'll be your new best friend to wear matching T-Shirts with! 

The Buzzards from New York, frequent players at the Hooch 'n' Smooch, were back again this year. Not many people seem to have more fun playing and singing than Roy. We look forward to seeing them each year because they're one of the bands that make it "feel like Viva." We know we're drinking and chatting and having a good time if The Buzzards are playing. 

Thursday afternoon was pretty busy for us this year and we didn't get to spend quite as much time at the Hooch 'n' Smooch as we usually do. We did make sure to stop by the vendor rooms when they opened and, as usual, the crowds were huge! Excitement was in the air as everyone rushed to find that perfect item. 

I on the other hand was doing a interview for Buzz TV. They were there to cover the sights and sounds of the event and I was to be there guide. We talked about a bunch of topics such as the origins of VLV and it's growth, along with some of the weekender's events. You can see the video here:

season 4 episode 15 hd from Brad cohen on Vimeo.

More coverage of VLV coming this week! 

Dollie and Zack

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