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VLV 18: Wednesday Night Pre-Party!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

It's Wednesday night and time for Round 2 of this year's pre-parties. Several years ago, the Wednesday before VLV was a somewhat sleepy night. People were there and partying, for sure, but nothing like the crowd that arrived early this year! This year's pre-party was amazing fun. The folks at Atomic Swag outdid themselves this time! 

These gals must have rode in on a tsunami because even though they played on Wednesday they were among the most talked about acts of the weekend. All the way from Japan, it's The Pringles! When these gals stormed the stage the rest of VLV was not ready. They brought Saturday night party mode, to the pre-party! 

The whole band was pure fun and infectious energy. And they stayed that way the whole weekend. Every night (early morning) when people started slinking off back to their rooms, there'd be a hoot and holler coming from the bar area, and who is it? None other than The Pringles, still partying like rock stars. 

Such fresh faces and smiles on Wednesday night! 

This was the time to catch up with old friends and start making some new ones! 

The next band we caught was The Margraves from Seattle. Who are these mysterious masked men? Rumors have it that they play among us in other well known bands on the scene. We may never know. What we can say is they play an awesome brand of late '50s rock 'n' roll that'll move your feet. 

The lovely Ramona was selling and modelling The Margraves merch. Wait, could this be a clue to their true identities? Further investigation is needed. The lovely Doris Mayday was also in the audience rocking out. And someone foolishly let that Boston trouble maker, Jittery Jack, MC this event! Luckily for all of us he did a great job AND his pants stayed on this year!

Time for the main event, rockabilly legend Mr. Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell! Rudy is such a rock star that he was carried onto the stage on the back of DJ James. The crowd immediately packed in up front for the chance to see one of their favorites. Rudy didn't disappoint and played all the songs we wanted to hear. At several points in his set he had people come on stage and dance with him. His performance had more energy than most bands half his age. And speaking of bands, Rudy had the always great Roy Kay Trio plus Joe Perez as his backing band. A rockabilly legend at the pre-party? What a great way to start VLV weekend!

The crowd danced and went crazy until the wee hours!

And speaking of crazy - sometime during the latter part of Rudy's set an informal toga party broke out! A lot of beds were suddenly without sheets! The toga men became the go to dance partners for the evening. What a way to get the weekend started!

Thanks again to Atomic Swag for another fantastic (the best ever!) Wednesday night pre-party! 

Dollie & Zack

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