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VLV 18 goes Hillbilly!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

Viva Las Vegas promoter Tom Ingram recently announced that a new event will be added to this years lineup and we couldn't be more excited. Dave and Deke's infamous Hillbilly Fest is being added to Sunday evening at this years VLV. You may have seen me post about Hillbilly Fest before, as I am the reigning Ms. Hillbilly Dumplin' (longest in history!). If you are not familiar with it, it is a hillbilly themed music festival put on by none other than the Dave and Deke Combo. Hillbilly Fest traditionally features many live hillbilly acts, a few contests such as bobbing for dentures in cream corn, and lots of silly decor/costumes. As this is the first act of its' kind at VLV, only time will tell what the Hillbilly Fest will bring. Either way we know it will be entertaining and that we will be there!

Join us Sunday night for a wild rootin' tootin' hillbilly hoedown in the Showroom!

Dollie and Zack 

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