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Product Review: Durango Leather Co

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

Recently, we were contacted by Durango Leather Co to review some of their products. Of course we were ecstatic because Durango Leather only makes some of the best leather goods. I didn't even own a real leather jacket, only a $18 pleather jacket from Forever 21 that I paired with everything. I picked the black Demi Monde jacket because I knew I would get a ton of use out of it and be able to wear it with so many different outfits. I am so excited to finally own a real high quality leather jacket. I feel like such a badass!

The Demi Monde jacket exudes extravagance. It is made with luxurious soft leather and cool mismatched hardware. The shoulders are quilted and add just the right amount of interest to the jacket. The front zipper is placed at a flattering angle which I love. The sleeves also have zippers which open up the arms a little bit and the zipper is backed by the softest suede ever. The jacket is lined with a custom Durango print in red and has two exterior zippered pockets and a hidden pocket inside. Speaking of zippers, they are all custom and have the Durango "D" on the zipper pull. It's details like this that set this jacket apart from the rest. The sides of the jacket have decorative buckles for even more of that rocker edge. I love buckles! The jacket even comes with a leather cleaning/polishing cloth to keep you looking cool for years to come. 

I decided to show a few different looks with this jacket. The first is based on a photo I saw on IG of someone in Japan wearing a black Chimayo vest over a leather jacket. I thought it was part of the jacket at first, which I had never seen. So I tried to recreate the look with some pieces I had and I really dig it. You can really change the look of a jacket by adding a vest like this over it, or a hoodie underneath.

The second look is my vintage take on the classic rock and roll look. I love this style and have been wearing it more and more lately. The dress is a vintage novelty print in grey. I just wanted to show how with dress really does match anything...

...Even a big poofy party dress like in my third look! This vintage party dress is sweet and fun, and the Demi Monde jacket pairs perfectly with it to give it just the right amount of sass. It also kept me warm which is important, as it was raining all day. The jacket is fully lined and will keep you warm, but not too hot. It's perfectly wearable for California weather! The medium size fit me perfectly and was true to the size chart. When you are ready to invest in the perfect leather jacket (which really should be a staple in every wardrobe), I highly recommend you consider making it the Demi Monde jacket from Durango Leather Co. It also comes in white, so you really never have to leave home without it! 

Zack picked out the Cow Puncher jacket. I will let him tell you about that: 

As Dollie says above, I decided on The Cow Puncher. Unlike Dollie though, I have owned quite a few leather jackets over the years, and I haven't been happy with most all of them. One I bought, and a few I received as gifts but there was always something about each that never worked for me. Maybe they were too puffy, or boxy looking. A few I decided were too sleek and modern looking for my tastes. I get it, I'm picky, but there's no point wearing things that don't make you feel good. Eventually I found my leather jacket - a beat up (read: destroyed) vintage A-2 flight jacket that I instantly bonded with. It was a relationship that soared great for a few years but sadly, there isn't much flight time left for that jacket. It's time to ground it and move on. 

So back to The Cow Puncher and why I chose it. I always have and always will gravitate towards vintage styles. I like the Cow Puncher because it has the classic look that reminds me of my much loved flight jacket. Better yet, it feels and fits just as good, better even! The leather is soft and the jacket is light and comfortable. And I swear it makes your pompadour look better*. This jacket is at home in the dirt paired with jeans and Durango boots, (I still wear my Harness Moto Boots that I have had since I was 19). However, you could easily dress this up with a pair of slacks and hit the town. 

The jacket will stay snug to your body with an elastic cuff and waistband. The jacket zips smoothly and has snap buttons for extra wind protection. There's also plenty of room to stash you stuff with two top button pockets, two side hand pockets and two interior pockets. Don't like brown? Well The Cow Puncher is also available in black with all the same great features. I really like my new Cow Puncher jacket and look forward to breaking it in and beating it up to perfection. Which is going to take a while since it's constructed so well! Now, I'm feeling manly and need to go punch a cow smack in the kisser! Just kidding, I'll probably pet it and sing range songs because I like moo-cows (but not enough to not wear leather). 

Check out the Durango Leather Co. website for yourself and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below! Thanks again to the very kind folks at Durango for providing these fine items to share with you!

Dollie & Zack

*Individual results may vary! 

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