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Last October, Mod Palm Springs completed our trio of successive weekenders that started with The New England Shake-Up and continued with The Rockabilly Rockout. After jet-setting across the U.S.A. to Boston, and soaking up booze in Vegas, a relaxing tropical tiki themed weekender with a mai tai by the pool was exactly what was needed. 

Our first stop in town was to one of our favorite vintage eye candy stores, Dazzles. Watch your step because this store is packed tight floor to ceiling with only the best in vintage goodies. Prices are typical for Palm Springs (expensive!) but most all the items are in pristine condition and many rare pieces are on display. If you have some extra cash you're willing to part with it's hard to beat the kitschy goodness that is Dazzles!

Mod Palm Springs had a small vendor area full of Hawaiiana, tiki themed accessories and handmade crafts. The shopping area was situated next to the pool on a patch of grass which made for a cool and pleasant shopping experience.

Our friends Reagan and Brian had a great room party/barbeque as a early evening treat before the bands were in full swing. Getting some food and water is a must if you plan to drink in the sun all day. They were even kind of enough to buy veggie hot dogs for their vegetarian friends! Such thoughtful hosts! 

Garage rockers, The Unclaimed were the first band for the evening. We have seen them before, as I believe they have bill on the same bill as The Outta Sites, at least once. They have a loyal following and always put on a good show.

Next up was a young 60's garage band, The Neumans. They are a band we had been hearing about but never got a chance to see. They were really fun and definetly a band we want to see more of. We also got to meet the guys (and one gal) and they were a really cool bunch.   

There was even a small fashion show with some fabulous mid-century Palm Springs glamour on display. The whole thing felt so Mad Men!

Like most Tiki weekenders, the party really starts when the sun goes down. Summer nights (yes, October is summer in Southern California) in Palm Springs make for perfect tropical cocktail weather. The crowd size was great too, with just enough people that it felt like a giant pool party without being overwhelming. The tiki crowd is also a lot mellower than the rockabilly crowd. The focus is purely on friends, food and drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.

The Outta Sites closed up the evening with their usual shimmy-shakin' set of Mersey beat. It was like a great big beach movie there were so many people twistin' around the swimming pool! 

With the events over and the sun set over the Palm Springs desert, it was officially time to grab your beverage of choice and shake all night! Mod Palm Springs had a great debut weekend and we can't wait to see how it evolves in the years to come.

Zack & Dollie

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