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Interview with Kay Marie

5:30 AMDollie Simpson

With Viva Las Vegas fast approaching I was honored that Kay Marie had time to fit in an interview with us. She is one of the most buzzed about acts of the year. We can't wait to see her! In the mean time, an interview had to do! 

Dollie: How did you first get into music?

Kay Marie: I come from a musical family!  My dad, mom, uncles, grandpa and siblings all play instruments or sing , and I was encouraged to learn piano and guitar as a kid.  Traditional country, blues, rock n' roll, classical and Italian music were most often played in the household and I developed a healthy respect for Buddy Holly, Chet Atkins and the likes early on.

D: How would you describe your sound and who is your biggest inspiration? 

K: I've been influenced by so many different genres and artists of various eras, from the 1800s all the way to modern times.   Amazing music comes in so many forms, even within a single decade.   Leadbelly and Hank Williams, Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf, Fats Domino, Bill Haley, Ruth Brown and Janis Martin are just a few of my traditional influences, and there have been so many since.  Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys have always been an inspiration to  myself and my band members, along with Marti Brom, the Blasters, Carl Sonny Leyland and so many more.     

D: You were recently nominated for an Ameripolitan Music Award, tell us about that. 

K: It was a crazy surprise and such an honor to be included as a nominee in the Female Rockabilly Category!  I was certainly in great company.  We had a fabulous time at the Ameripolitan Music Awards in Austin, and were lucky enough to end our Texas trip by opening for Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys at Austin's historic Continental Club.  It was a week to remember!  

D: How do you feel being a woman in a male dominated genre affects you?

K: I've noticed small differences here and there between the male and female rockabilly worlds, however I've been thankful that the men I've worked with have been very respectful, supportive and accepting.  That said, this genre has unfortunately always been a male dominated one, so it only makes the ladies who can hold their own that much more badass!

D: Will you have your album for sale at Viva?

K: Yes indeed!  Our first album was released last year and features 15 tracks with 14 originals.  It will be available at Viva along with a 45rpm and more.  If you can't get a hold of a copy, we'll also have a song featured on the Viva Las Vegas compilation CD!

D: I look forward to getting one! What are your plans for the future?

K: More recording and more shows!  My second album is almost entirely written, and we'll be heading back to the studio with some very special guests this year!  

D: Do you have any tips for other women who are trying to start a band?

K: The main advice I can give to other ladies wanting to start a band is to stay motivated and focused on constantly honing your music skills.  There's undeniably an appearance/image-based aspect to being a performer, but in my opinion the sound is always what will have the greatest impact at the end of the day.  Another piece of advice is to not get discouraged when it seems like your options (be it bandmates or gigs) aren't plentiful.  When times are slow, that's the ideal time to write songs!    

Thank you so much to Kay Marie! If you are at Viva Las Vegas, make sure to see her on Friday night at 6pm in the Bienville Room! 


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  1. Yes! Love her! Finally bought her album recently and it's amazing! She is so great live as well. A must see!


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