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The Rockabilly Rockout: Thursday

10:04 AMDollie Simpson

Here it is, our long overdue coverage on last October's Rockabilly Rockout. We're really sorry it took us this long to get the posts up. Life happens! Maybe these posts will help get you excited for Viva Las Vegas which is right around the corner!

The Rockabilly Rockout brought us back to our nostalgic stomping grounds of VLV past: The Gold Coast Hotel. But this wasn't the "Mold" Coast of old! The rooms have had a recent renovation and are very clean and comfortable. The old carpet has been ripped out and the bathrooms have had a complete remodel. The only minor gripe we had was that there wasn't a full length mirror. We really enjoyed our stay!

Kicking off the weekend's entertainment was L.A.'s own, The SideWynders! We've written about The SideWynders many times over the years as they are one our very favorites. The guys were really firing on all cylinders that night and we heard their performance mentioned as a high point of the weekend by many attendees. Be sure to pick up their latest release from Rhythm Bomb Records.

The Rockout brought out lots of friends from near and far that we hadn't seen in awhile. The weekend provided a nice intimate reunion of sorts for some who had fallen away from VLV over the years. 

WILD recording artist, The Rhythm Shakers, were up next to close out the first night. We were very excited to see our friend, Kevin O'Leary (The Reckless Ones), on stage as the new guitarist for The Rhythm Shakers. The band was well polished and the crowd dug their infectious energy. Marlene looked great in her custom jumpsuit from Alexandra of CA

That wrapped up the bands for night one but the music played on with the DJs spinning all night. Including one of our favorites, Boppin' Bud! The night closed with plenty of dancing and plenty of drinks! Stay tuned for our next post of Friday night! 

Dollie & Zack

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