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Rockabilly Rockout: Sunday

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-continued from our Rockabilly Rockout series-

It doesn't seem to be a weekender unless there is a pool party. Or at least, that is the way it seems to be on this side of the world. We do love our pool parties! The Rockout didn't actually plan a pool party, as this event was all about the music. However, if there is a pool, we will show up on Sunday afternoon, weary and hungover. That's just how it works! After a dip in the pool and some sun bathing we got ready for the last night of the first Rockabilly Rockout. 

The highlight of the entire weekend was getting to see the legendary Don Maddox play again. He's in his 90s now but he still rips some hillbilly rhythms on his fiddle. Everybody in the room was singing along with their favorite Maddox Bros. and Rose songs. Some hits such as "Paul Bunyan Love" and "Step It Up And Go" may have even brought a few tears of hillbilly happiness. 

After his show, Don "Juan" Maddox took some time to pose with the pretty girls and sell some merch. He was very kind and gracious. If you're anywhere near to one of his shows, go, don't miss him! He's one of the last great links to the hillbilly music past and such a treasure. We can't wait to see him in May at the Nashville Boogie!

So many pretty things when you're looking for last minute Sunday deals. Decisions, decisions! The jewlery is from the ever popular Donnaland. The suits are from Hula Moon Swimsuit Company. I own one and I love it!

It had been a few years since we last saw the Hi-Strung Ramblers play but nothing much has changed. The guys still put on a real high energy rockin' performance. Their sound has matured nicely and the set felt fresh from beginning to end. Hopefully it won't be as many years before we see them again!

The Phil Friendly Trio had a rough go of it while driving to Las Vegas. Their travel van, which Phil said was brand new, broke down on the way to Vegas on the day they were supposed to play. Not wanting to let down the Rockout attendees they made arrangements to switch with a band and take a later set time. By the time they arrived there was hardly enough time to get a drink at the bar before they were due on stage. But these guys didn't complain, and they took the stage with smiles and enthusiasm and played a fun set. When life hands you lemons, play rockabilly music!

Mr. Entertainment, Deke Dickerson, outdid himself at the Rockout. Not only was he the emcee for the whole weekend, but when it came time to play he brought the house down! He even showed them young whipper-snappers how a guitar solo is done when he came into the audience and played on the dancefloor. We just wish he'd be more careful with that vintage Gibson ES-295! There's a reason Deke is at all the major festivals, he's one of the very best.

Overall it was a great weekender. If you are looking for a weekener that is all about the music, not the frills, and with a much smaller crowd, this may be the weekender for you! It was great because we got the DJs to play all of the songs we wanted to hear. We actually got to talk to people at length, like real conversations! We also got to shop in complete quiet and piece. We also loved the days being free so we could sleep in, have lunch on the strip and relax by the pool. We are definetly going back next year!

Dollie and Zack

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