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Rockabilly Rockout: Saturday Night

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our Rockabilly Rockout series- 

The great Young Jessie kicked off the night with a bang! His voice is still booming and he's certainly a presence on stage. The dancefloor packed quickly as soon as the first few bars of "I Smell a Rat" started playing. We'd seen him play once before but it was a treat to see Young Jessie again, and still performing at a high level.

By Saturday night the crowd was in full swing and spirits were high. The pacing of the Rockout was perfect for chatting and catching up with friends rather than worrying about rushing to the next event. Plenty of new friends were made simply because there was time to talk.

Neo greats, The Jets, started their set with a acapella doo-wop mini-set that seemed a hit with the audience. Everyone was able to sing along to their favorites. They of course then moved along to their usual rockin' set that got people up and dancing. For those who have been part of the rockin' scene a long time there was a sense of nostalgia seeing these guys perform again. 

Los Angeles rockers, The Rip 'em Ups, took the stage with their brand of late '50s rock 'n' roll. These guys are a blast to watch and dance to. We are lucky they are local to us so we get to see them often. They are also a really popular act on the rockabilly weekender circuit, so we seem to see them even when we travel! 

As you all probably know by now, Miss Ruby Ann is expecting her first child, a boy, in a few months. Of course we couldn't be happier for this new little family. The Rockout was our first indication she was with child because this was the first time we have ever seen her on stage without a glass 'o whiskey! She did have a beautiful glow, which was certainly the only physical sign she was expecting- look at her in that dress!  

The rest of the crowd seemed to have a familiar glow as well, the glow of a good alcohol-induced flush of a weekender in Vegas! 

Our final post from the first ever Rockabilly Rockout will be up faster than you can say Arula Mata Gali! 

Dollie and Zack 

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