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Rockabilly Rockout: Saturday Day

12:06 PMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our Rockabilly Rockout series- 

The Rockabilly Rockout doesn't have events organized during the day, which allowed us to actually visit the strip. It was nice and a different change of pace from Viva Las Vegas. We went to The Hardrock Hotel to see the displays. They have things from all eras of rock and roll, from the 50s to today. We saw everything from Johnny Cash memorabilia, Nudie suits,  Beatles merch to Avenged Sevenfold's drum set. It was great! We also went to lunch there at Pink Taco. 

After lunch we went to a vintage shop downtown called The Attic. Our friend referred us there because they were closing down. They were having a great sale where all clothing pieces were $5. We ended up getting a full bag of vintage clothing for $50, some to keep and some to resell. 

Once we got back to the Gold Coast we visited the vendors. The vendor room was so quiet and calm. Very different from Viva Las Vegas and a nice environment to shop in. The booths were set up beautifully, just like a museum. There was lots of vintage clothing from the 30's to 60's, lots of vintage jewelry, reproduction shoes like Remix and modern vinyl purses. There was one music vendor who had a lot of great stuff. There was even one tattoo artist set up! 

We ended up buying a few pieces from the vendors, but we were pretty broke having come from The New England Shake-Up. Vintage in Boston was so cheap compared to here, so we ended up buying too much!

Our next post will be about the music on Saturday night, so stay tuned!

Dollie and Zack 

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