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5:00 AMDollie Simpson

I was recently contacted from Match Accessories and offered some pieces to share with you all. Of course I was very eager and I have been stalking their Instagram page for months! I love their stuff, it is so kitschy, and I love Kitsch! 

They sent me a bunch of brooches, because I love brooches! It is easy to get a lot of use out of brooches because you can match them to a lot of different outfits. Maybe that is why they named the company Match Accessories? Okay, I have no idea, but it's possible! 

I love this little black cat, because I am a cat lover. This will also be perfect for Halloween time! I thought one these little white glitter boomerang earrings could be worn with it as a brooch, because it almost looks like a little moon, don't you think? The green leaf is a cool one, because I think it is the most vintage looking. I have a vintage bakelite one that is almost identical!

How beautiful is this set? It is a red dice brooch, post back earrings and a little baby brooch, This set is perfect for Vegas! I especially like that these earrings are post back, because I wear enough clip on's with vintage. My ears need a break! 

And lastly, I wanted to share this super cute wooden cactus brooch. It's my favorite one because I don't have any wooden brooches. I plan to wear this one a ton, especially to Viva, with all of my southwestern digs! You can find all of these and more on their website! Thank you to Match Accessories for sending me these lovely items! 


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