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The New England Shake-Up Band Lineup Announced!

7:25 PMZack Simpson

Here it is, the big news for today! Beck Rustic, head gal in charge, just announced the 2015 band lineup for The New England Shake-up on Motorbilly Radio! The Shake-Up, in only two years has established itself as a premier music focused weekender. It looks like year 3 will continue that reputation.

Our initial impressions: It's an easy choice bringing The Bellfuries back, they're fantastic! Jan Svensson a.k.a. Wildfire Willie is a great surprise and a modern rockabilly legend. We're really happy for our friends The Rattle Rockin' Boys, great stripped down authentic rockabilly. Kim Lenz! Lil' Mo! And of course, Boston's musical representative Jittery Jack! There isn't a dud of the bunch! 

Go! Buy tickets now!

Zack and Dollie

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