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Suavecito Pomade!

5:00 AMZack Simpson

Ever since the first cave man slathered some tar into his hair, slicked it up with his dino-bone comb and tried to impress the cave ladies, one of his friends was there to ask him - "Hey man, what pomade you using?"

Not much has changed over the years, so I'm going to tell you about a pomade I've recently been using. The good people of Suavecito Pomade recently sent Dollie and I a care package full of goodies to sample. I don't really have much experience with using a water-based pomade but I was excited to try it out. One of the pomades they sent was specifically for Dollie; Their brand new pomade line for women, Suavecita.

As I say above, I've never really spent too much time using water-based pomades. This is mostly because I have thick hair and it usually takes a heavier weight pomade to get it up right. I found what I like and I've pretty much stuck with that ever since. Lately though I have been thinking that I wanted something a bit lighter and easier to manage for the work week. As with most things in the Rockin' scene there seems to be two vocal opposing camps for everything: Vintage vs. repro, traditional vs. neo and even oil/wax based pomades vs. water-based pomades. With Suavecito I've found that there really is room for both, and that you should use both! 

I started out with the jar of strong hold, and was skeptical at first. It still seemed thin. But I was quickly proved wrong. It spread and combed so smoothly through my hair, which compared to wax pomades was very refreshing. Next, it very quickly started firming up as I combed, pushed and piled my hair in all the right spots. It seemed to set a lot faster than my other pomades and I was done and on my way rather quickly. I expected the wind or the day's work to tweak it out of shape but it held firm. Later that night I slept peacefully and didn't get a lick of greasy oil on the pillow. Bonus point: If you're feeling lazy the next morning you can still use the Suavecito that's already in your hair. Just lightly wet your comb and run it through. Your hair will bounce back nicely. 

I still like all my old pomades for certain styles, of course. But there's plenty of room for Suavecito. Here's a tip I got from a friend - if you use a lot of wax pomades, you know how much of a pain washing it all out before a haircut can be. Well if you layer Suavecito on top of the built up wax pomade, not only will you get great hold, but it seems to break down the gunk in your hair faster. I don't know why (science!), but try it, it really does work. I use both oil/wax pomades and Suavecito, and so should you! Check out their full product line on their website

Dollie Says: I had heard a lot about Suavecita, but had never seen it in person until this point. I knew what Suavecito smells like, so I almost expected a lighter version of that scent. I was pleasantly surprised when it smelled super feminine and fruity. It was even pink! The texture takes a minute to get used to because it is super sticky to the touch. When you stick your finger in this, it squishes like jello. It's very different then other pomades I had used in the past. When it's in your hair it doesn't feel sticky at all. It's shiny and smells nice. However, you will want to wash your hands right after, because like I said, it's super sticky! As for the air freshener, I want many more of these. My car smells amazing and it's still going strong over a week later. It's cute too! Thanks Suavecita! 

-Zack and Dollie

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