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Happy Birthday to the King!

3:48 PMZack Simpson

Today, January 8th 2015, marks what would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday. Where would Rock 'n' Roll, or Rockabilly for that matter, be without this guy? Would they even exist as we know it? It wouldn't be as flashy or fun, that's for sure. 

We couldn't let this day pass without sharing something, so after getting sidetracked on YouTube for an hour watching everything Elvis related we settled on this clip from his '68 Comeback Special. Here's Elvis being the coolest guy in the room.

Be sure to let us know your favorite Elvis songs and stories in the comments below. And do your good deed for the day - tell a kid listening to some pop schlock why Elvis is still the King of rock 'n' roll. 

Zack & Dollie

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  1. when my parents moved to America in 1969, Elvis was all the rage. Even in Poland they had listened to him there and were very excited to be in the same country as him. As I grew up and got into rockabilly Elvis was an easy favorite of mine. I did love getting to go to Graceland when I was in Memphis years ago. Now I am a middle school teacher, and imagine my surprise and delight when I found out one of my sweet students loves Elvis! We really bonded over the shared Elvis love, and she told me that the reason she loves him so much is because when she was very little her father got sick and before he died he gave her a little hound dog that when you would press it it would play the song hound dog. She wears his old Elvis t-shirts to school, completely unconcerned with the fact that they're old and faded and nobody else dressed like that. Unfortunately, this past semester she suffered another loss when her mom died suddenly. Her love for Elvis continues she says because both of her parents really loved him and to her it is a way of staying close to them. This is a pretty special guy, all these years later, who can comfort a hurting 13 year old with his songs.

  2. My brother was born on the 17th August, but because of the time delay my mum had just been induced when it was announced over the tannoy. (A military hospital in Germany.) She was in floods of tears and the nurses assured her the baby was okay, to which she blurted, "I'm not crying about the baby, Elvis is dead!"

    He's just lucky he didn't get named Elvis!


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