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We Rocked Boston!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our New England Shake-Up 2 series- 

After leaving the New England Shake-Up we headed into Boston with our friend from back home, Tom Plante. He had rented a car and graciously drove us around before he hopped on a plane back home. I decided to take them to the Union Oyster House. It is the oldest restaurant in the US of A. I had a great time here last year so I wanted to show it to them. We had a good laugh about the crazy traffic, toll roads and cost of parking in Boston. It took us half an hour to drive .4 miles to the restaurant from our hotel. We all decided we could never live in Boston. Now I laugh when people complain about LA!

After sightseeing in Boston we went back to our hotel to change. Then we took the subway north toward Saugus. We stopped at a nice little cemetery on the way there. We had to take a few pics! 

We were headed to Kowloon, which is a must anytime you are in the area. They have the best food and drinks! This was another place I just had to show Zack, because he missed it the year prior. 

We had some great company! After we all had our fill and a few drinks, a few of us headed back into Boston to go to The Bukowski Bar. 

I feel like we really "got around" in Boston, but looking at these pics it looks like all we did is eat and drink! Oh well, we like doing that. I did all of the tourist things last year! 

More posts are on the way of our trip to Salem, MA!


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  1. Looks like so much fun! I absolutely cannot wait to go next year.


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