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That One Time I Met Andy Biersack, Juliet Simms and Taylor Lautner

1:12 PMDollie Simpson

Hello friends! Normally I don't post here about non rockabilly/vintage things I do. However, I recently posted about my bout of depression and I was overwhelmed with the support. In that post I talk about how I am trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. Well, last night I had a girls night out with my friend (and awesome female guitarist) Angela. We went to Hollywood and the best night ever. So I thought I would throw together a super fast little post to share the photos with you! 

We went to dinner at the Velvet Margarita Cantina. I picked it because it was right across the street from the venue we were going to. It was such a cool place! Great drinks, food and ambiance. I didn't know it at the time, but this place is a hotspot for celebrities. So while we were eating Angela noticed that Taylor Lautner was sitting in the booth next to us. I never notice celebs so I am glad she pointed him out but I didn't want to bother him while he was eating with his friends. I figured I would regret it later though.

After dinner we headed to the Hotel Cafe where there were a few female lead bands playing. We thought it was perfect for ladies night out. Anyway, before we even walked in I saw Andy Biersack outside. He is the lead singer of a rock n roll band I have a guilty pleasure for, Black Veil Brides. I HAD to ask him for a photo. He was nice about it and took a few pics with me even though he was obviously busy. The lighting wasn't great, especially for iphone pics, but I was sooo happy to have the opportunity to hold this angel for 30 seconds. 

While we were waiting for Juliet Simms (formerly of Automatic Loveletter and The Voice) to come on, Andy helped set up the stage for her. Isn't that nice? And ya know, I had to snap a few pics while he did it. I couldn't help it! They didn't come out great because the venue doesn't allow pro cameras, so I only had my cell phone and my little point and shoot. 

Juliet looked beautiful and sang like an Angel. She did all of her hits like Roxanne, Hush, Black Ink Revenge and even some holiday tunes like Hallelujah. She had a backing band of David Immerman (of Avril Lavine's band) on acoustic guitar and Matteo Eyia on drums. The band was on point and didn't over power her. They let her voice shine. She had the entire room captivated! It was an intimate audience which could be hard for some singers, but not Juliet! 

Afterward Andy helped her off the stage and even carried her purse. What a gentleman! Here at the Rockabilly Socialite, we like gentlemen! 

If that wasn't enough excitement for the night, it turns out that Taylor Lautner (actor most famous for playing Jacob in Twilight) had the same plans as we did. We saw him again at Hotel Cafe! He was watching the show, so afterward I asked him for a photo. He was so nice and got up to take this photo with me. Isn't he a dream boat? 

If my night hadn't been perfect already, as Juliet and Andy were leaving my friend asked to get one more pic as my last one had bad lighting. They were so kind and posed for me. Isn't this the best picture ever?? I posed it on my social media pages and people are sharing it like crazy. It turns out that I am a rock and roll socialite too! 


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  1. You lucky girl! Taylor is so gorgeous! (You too, obviously!)


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