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Thanksgiving 2014

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

I thought I would share our Thanksgiving dinner with you all. This year we hosted on Saturday instead of Thursday due to our guests schedules. So on actual Thanksgiving we just stayed home, made pizza and watched a movie. We also decorated for Christmas that day, so our dinner was part Thanksgiving and part Christmas. We loved it! 

I used the same china, crystal, and silver I always do. The china was a gift from my grandfather to my great grandmother from when he was stationed in Japan. The crystal is also from my great grandmother and the silver is from Zack's grandmother. 

I have a habit of using untraditional colors at the holidays. I just choose to coordinate with my house instead of using traditional colors that won't match. This saves money in the long run as I can reuse the lines more often. These roses may be the most beautiful roses I have ever bought, and they came from Home Depot. Can you believe that? 

This is Zacks family: his brother Ryan and his girlfriend Georgia, his mom and his dad. I wore the same dress I wore last year. It just makes a nice Thanksgiving dress. It is a vintage eyelit dress I got from a local antique mall. 

And.....that was our Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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  1. I love your china! No only does it go with your house flawlessly, the story that goes along with it is so sweet and awesome! Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving with us :)


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