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Holiday Shopping Guide: Retro Pop Accessories

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

My friend Amy Von Eerie from Boston MA recently sent me some items from her Etsy shop, Retro Pop Accessories. She makes some super cute things like lucite bangles, earrings, brooches and the coolest necklaces. So of course I am super happy to share them with you all! 

She sent me the perfect set to wear on thanksgiving: an autumn leaf brooch, gold glitter earrings and matching bangle. They went perfect with my vintage eyelit dress. The pin on this brooch is a single pin with a back, not like a standard brooch pin. Because of this I was able to just place the brooch in one of the eyelit holes, instead of piercing the fabric. I wore this brooch again today and it was a little hard to pin on my turtle neck because of the pin style, so it could be a pro or a con depending on the outfit. I wish I got a picture of it for you. The only other thing I could mention is that one of the backs of the earring fell off the first time I wore them and I lost it. This has happened with some of my other lucite earrings as well. This must be a common problem with the posts and the backs not being a perfect fit. I need to buy a few extras to keep around. 

Thanks to Retro Pop Accessories for the lovely set! I know I will be wearing this all winter! 


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