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The New England Shake-Up 2: Sunday Night

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

-Continued from our New England Shake-Up 2 series-

After getting all decked out in our best Sunday outfits, we headed to the lake to take a few nice photos. With a setting like this right outside your door, how could you not?

We met Amber and Bob for photos and then went to dinner at The Ox Head Tavern which is located on the hotel property. The Ox Head Tavern was built in 1820 and is a historic landmark. The building was originally constructed as a meeting house, then served as a church, then a shoe factory before finally becoming a tavern in 1940. It wasn't until 1973 that The Oxhead Tavern opened its doors on the shore of Cedar Lake. The food was very good, but the pumpkin beer with the cinnamon sugar rimmed glass took the cake! 

First up was Lynnette & and the Longshots who had a great clean, folksy sound. There was a nice variety of bands at the Shake-Up this year: everything from the rockin' 60s sounds of The Outta Sites to the smooth country delivery of Lynnette & and the Longshots.

The Millwinders from Canada were up next. These guys (and gal!) were one of the most talked about bands of the weekend and it was easy to see why! 

Local Boston rebel rouser Jittery Jack was up next with his brand of New England rockabilly. And as always he had the fabulous Miss Amy on guitar with him. His deranged energy on stage is infectious and always a crowd pleaser. Be sure and buy his latest release "Gonna Have a Time," it's fantastic and one of our favorites of the year. 

After the bands ended for the night we all took to the dance floor. The Shake-Up is unique in many ways, and the late night record hop was no exception. All sorts of crazy things popped up: such as a bag of burgers, a basket of chips and even a fresh orange on the dance floor that tunned into a game of citrus soccer! 

The New England Shake-Up is such a blast and in so many different ways. Yes it's a rockabilly weekender, but along with the fantastic music there's a sense of camaraderie that sometimes gets lost at larger festivals. The Shake-Up is stripped down to what you really need: bands, dancing and friends. ..oh and alcohol, of course. No contests needed at this weekender. And how about the location? Sturbridge is such a charming small town that is a short day trip outside of downtown Boston. Go ahead and plan an extra couple days on your stay and do a trip to Salem (details on our trip to Salem coming soon!) or even New York City. Heck, one of our friends made it all the way to Acadia National Park in Maine! Make The New England Shake-Up a vacation within a larger vacation!  

Hopefully by now we've convinced you to book your hotel and buy your tickets. Next years line-up is due to announce in January and you don't want to be out in the cold missing the action. 

Dollie and Zack

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  1. So fun! I want to go next year so very much and seeing your series of posts of how fun it was (and hearing from friends as well who went), I have to really to try and make it work. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Millwinders as well! Yay Toronto!

    Liz-The Vintage Inn


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