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The New England Shake-Up 2: Preparty

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

It's again that time of year when we see the leaves starting to change and fall. The wind is starting to cut across the landscape. It's not yet cold, but the days are growing shorter. A quick glance at the calendar will tell you that it's the last weekend in September which means only one thing: It's New England Shake-Up season! So enough of that poetry nonsense, let's talk some rock 'n' roll and what an awesome time that was had at the 2nd annual Shake-Up!

On the Thursday night of the weekend there is a pre-party held at the hotel bar. The party was small and intimate but it was a very lively affair! There was dancing and plenty of drinks, Bloodshot Bill was there to get the live music started, and DJ Trash Only was spinning the best. 

There's a different vibe to The New England Shake-Up which was immediately apparent at the pre-party. There was no posturing, posing or pontificating. Just good people having good conversation and a lot of new friends being made. Just check out the photo below of Bobby Trimble getting a stroll lesson from Sweetpea! 

Everyone was in good spirits and ready to get the weekender started! Stay tuned for more posts on The New England Shake-Up 2!

Dollie and Zack 

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  1. "There was no posturing, posing or pontificating"

    We noticed this, too. Had a great time, made reservations and are looking forward to next years event!


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