R.I.P. Mark Tortorici

8:20 PMZack Simpson

Mark Tortorici 1971-2014

A few days ago we lost Mark Tortorici, a true gem on the Southern California swing scene, to a late night car accident. Mark was a long time band leader, DJ and a promoter known for tirelessly trying to better the vintage scene. We are lucky to have gotten to know him from our time spent at Joe's in Burbank. Therefore we were very saddened to hear of his passing. While we are somewhat at a loss of words, there's a lot more eloquent and touching tributes to Mark over on his Facebook page. 

Here's also some info for his funeral service and a memorial page

We send our condolences to all of Mark's friends and family. Everyone please be safe out there, look out for each other and don't let moments to tell loved ones how you feel slip by. 

-Zack and Dollie

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