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New England Shake-Up 2: Saturday Day

5:00 AMZack Simpson

Continued from our New England Shake-Up series....

On Saturday afternoon we woke up to a bright and sunny day in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We headed to the car show that takes place in the Sturbridge Host Hotel parking lot. The car show seemed twice as big this year compared to last year. The whole event felt that way really. 

There were a lot of great vendors this year selling things like vintage clothing, collectables and carved tikis. One of the vendors was selling all of their clothing for $5, what a steal! There were a ton of cool classic cars, everything from rat rods to perfect classic cruisers. There were also three bands this year, Fright Barker & Sons, Diablogato and Screamin' Rebel Angels. We ended up sleeping in a little to late, so we missed the first two bands. Then we had to run off to the next event....

Sean Mencher's Guitar Seminar! We knew this was a must see event for sure. With speakers/performers such as Miss Amy, Tjarko Jeen, Mike Molnar, Ashley Kingman and Sean Mencher himself, all telling stories about their influences and how they approach guitar playing. After each player had a chance to talk the whole event culminated in a All-Star jam. 

However, the real star of the show was Event Records founder Al Hawkes. Listening to Al tell the stories of New England rockabilly and country music, as well as his personal career was both enlightening and entertaining. We hope the Sean Mencher guitar seminar will become a regular fixture at the Shake-Up. 

Stay tuned for part two of our Saturday post where we cover the night time events!

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