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Tones In My Bones!

5:00 AMZack Simpson

Recently, the kind folks over at Tones In My Bones sent us a few of their latest T-Shirt designs to try out. We dug them so much that we took them with us to Boston when we were visiting for The New England Shake-Up. Take a look.

A few months ago we started seeing these new and really cool T-Shirts pictured all over Facebook and Instagram and Dollie and I knew we needed to track a few down for ourselves. We were super excited to learn that they were being made by a band member from one of our favorite up and coming rockabilly bands - The Rattle Rockin' Boys!  Give 'em a listen if you're not already familiar!

The quality and comfortability of these shirts is top notch. The fabric is a tri-blend of cotton, polyester and rayon which give it a nice stretchy and light feel. The Bloodhounds tee is a recreation of an old athletic shirt with the design dyed into the fabric. The Bronco Buster image in vintage yellow really pops against its black background. And the Chieftain tee is super deluxe with a flocked indian head that is soft and fuzzy. All Tones In My Bones shirts have a great vintage cut that gives you that clean, tapered look. 

Another thing we enjoyed is that although all the shirts are technically a men's cut tee, we found that because of their vintage cut they fit unisex very well. In fact, the company told us they are currently selling more shirts to women than men. So ladies don't be afraid to purchase these for yourselves. Just make sure you pay attention to the sizing chart on the site and you can't go wrong. And with sizing available in XS - 2X their should hopefully be a size for all!

Also, have we mentioned how cool the Ft. Madison Bloodhounds tee looks when you are actually walking a bloodhound?!

What more do you need to see? Go and buy your very own bloodhound today! ...err Bloodhound T-Shirt I mean! And go take a look at all the other wonderful styles that are available right now on their website

A big thank you to Tones In My Bones for sending us such cool stuff.

-Zack Simpson
The Rockabilly Gentleman

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